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Step into a world of enchantment at The Grand Ivy Point, where the changing seasons and creative themes converge to shape unforgettable events. Our versatile spaces serve as the perfect canvas for hosting seasonal and themed soirées that leave a lasting impression.

Springtime Serenity:

Transform our Garden Terrace into a blooming paradise for a spring wedding. Delicate florals, pastel hues, and al fresco dining set the stage for romance. Our expert team at The Grand Ivy Point ensures every detail, from cherry blossom centerpieces to outdoor ambiance, captures the essence of the season.

Summer Soirees:

Embrace the warmth with a summer-themed corporate event on our Rooftop Lounge. A sunset backdrop, tropical décor, and refreshing cocktails create a vibrant atmosphere. The Grand Ivy Point’s panoramic views elevate the experience, making it an ideal setting for networking under the stars.

Autumnal Elegance:

Celebrate the richness of fall in our Grand Ballroom with a harvest-themed gala. Deep jewel tones, rustic accents, and seasonal delicacies bring warmth to the ambiance. Our spacious ballroom accommodates large gatherings, making it perfect for Thanksgiving festivities or corporate events.

Winter Wonderland:

Experience the magic of winter at The Grand Ivy Point. Transform our spaces into a snow-kissed wonderland for a holiday party. From glistening décor to cozy fireplaces, our venue exudes warmth and sophistication. The Grand Ivy Point is the quintessential backdrop for creating cherished memories during the festive season.

At The Grand Ivy Point, we understand the power of thematic details in enhancing the overall event experience. Let our expert event coordinators guide you in bringing your seasonal or themed vision to life. Elevate your event with the timeless charm and versatility that only The Grand Ivy Point can offer.

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