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Springtime: a season of renewal and romance, making it a perennial favorite for couples tying the knot. At The Grand Ivy Point, nestled next to the bustling Highway 85 in Suwanee, we’ve hosted countless spring weddings, each unique and beautiful in its own way. As we step into the 2024 wedding season, we’re excited to share some of the freshest trends and inspirations that are shaping spring weddings this year.

The Colors of Spring

This season, wedding color palettes are gravitating towards soft, earthy tones mixed with vibrant accents. Think pastel pinks and blues softened by sage greens and creamy whites, with pops of bright peony pink or daffodil yellow. These colors not only complement the natural beauty of The Grand Ivy Point’s outdoor spaces but also add a touch of contemporary elegance to indoor celebrations.

Florals in Full Bloom

Florals are a cornerstone of spring weddings, and in 2024, they are bigger and more integral than ever. Cascading greenery, oversized bouquets, and floral arches create immersive experiences. Our garden spaces serve as the perfect backdrop for these botanical arrangements, allowing for breathtaking ceremony setups and stunning photographic opportunities.

Personalized Touches

Personalization continues to be a major trend. At The Grand Ivy Point, we’ve seen everything from customized welcome signs and bespoke cocktail menus featuring the couple’s favorite drinks to thoughtful guest favors that reflect their shared interests or heritage. These personalized details make each wedding unique and memorable for guests.


The Grand Ivy Experience

Opting for The Grand Ivy Point goes beyond selecting a venue; it’s choosing an unparalleled experience. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with couples and wedding planners from the start to finish, ensuring every aspect of the wedding day is executed flawlessly.

Spring weddings at The Grand Ivy Point are magical affairs where love and beauty bloom together. Whether planning a lavish celebration or an intimate gathering, we are here to make your spring wedding aspirations a reality. Explore our wedding packages today and begin the journey to your unforgettable spring wedding in 2024.

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